Nobuko Nishimura

Daily Point of Light # 3235 Jun 29, 2006

Mrs. Nobuko Nishimura has been a valued volunteer at Cartwright Elementary School for many years. For more than four years, Nishimura has been an active part of her children’s education by volunteering her time in the classroom. She spends countless hours helping her children’s teachers prepare materials for the upcoming weeks or completing projects with the children. Her time at Cartwright has been valuable, not only to her children, but all Cartwright Coyotes.

Teachers and staff see Nishimura alike as one of the most responsible and dependable volunteers to the classroom. Each week, Nishimura arrives on time to assist students in the classroom with their reading fluency. She sits with each student as they read their phonics books to her. She then provides positive feedback, as well as constructive criticism to help increase their reading fluency. This task often takes several hours to complete. She has never complained or become discouraged. Nishimura diligently works with each student as if they were her first student of the day. She also works with students by tutoring one-on-one for skill remediation. Nishimura often spends additional time with students to explain or solve a problem. She readily accepts any task asked of her and often stays well over her assigned times to finish those tasks. She has become an important part of the classroom routine and the students look forward to their time with her. The time she spends reading with the students is not only educational, but nurturing as well. For many students, it is the only personal attention they receive while reading to another adult. The joy she brings to each child is priceless and my classroom would not be the same without her.

It is evident that Nishimura enjoys helping the students at Cartwright. Her smile can be seen in the hallways several days each week. Nishimura volunteers her time in three classrooms on a regular basis. It is extraordinary that she continues to volunteer in a second grade classroom, two years after her eldest daughter has been promoted. In addition to her volunteer work in the classroom, she also assists our reading specialist, Ms. Ellis. These are just a few examples of her excellent rapport with the staff. She treats all staff members with respect and in return she is held in the highest regard. Mrs. Nishimura’s presence is well known throughout Cartwright Elementary. Her integrity and trustworthiness make her a great role model for the students whose lives she touches.