Simmone Moe

Daily Point of Light # 3234 Jun 28, 2006

HELP of Southern Nevada assists families and individuals throughout Southern Nevada to overcome barriers and attain self-sufficiency through direct services, training and referral to community resources. Simmone Moe volunteers on a monthly basis for HELP of Southern Nevada in the Marketing Department.

She assists the staff with special events such as fundraisers and office functions. Her computer skills also enable the marketing staff to work on other projects while she does data input or letter typing. Moe assembles marketing packets such as agency promotional material and works with bulk mail. During November and December, Moe volunteers a considerable amount of her time to help with the holiday programs. During November, she helped with data entry of client information, distribution of turkeys, sorting food, and completion of food boxes to distribute to clients. During December, Moe volunteered every day for 14 days at our toy drive and then continued at HELP of southern Nevada’s offices for the remainder of the month sorting the toys by ages and helping distribute the toys to parents who applied for assistance.

Moe’s contribution to HELP of Southern Nevada is extremely critical, as volunteers are always in demand. She is familiar with how the agency runs and is very reliable. Her assistance is critical for the marketing department because her skills and abilities enable the staff to be more efficient. Because she volunteers frequently, she has a good understanding of tasks that need to be completed. She does not need to be retrained when something is to be completed.

Moe’s level of involvement is extremely high. Most of the staff at HELP of Southern Nevada knows her on a first-name basis and are aware of her responsibilities. She works directly with staff and other departments besides Marketing if a need for abilities arises. She is on the “front line” and deals with their clients directly.

While working at the toy drive, Moe acted as a HELP of southern Nevada employee and was not afraid to speak for the agency. Even though she is a volunteer, she was still representing the agency verbally and physically. She also supervised other volunteers that were helping with the toy drive and kept track of their hours and the check-in sheet. She worked closely with the radio station that sponsored the toy drive, and gave accurate information when a bike count or toy count was needed.

Simmone Moe’s contributions make a huge difference in her community. With her help and dedication, HELP of Southern Nevada’s clients receive food, toys, and other resources that would not be available to them. HELP of Southern Nevada relies on volunteers such as Moe to reach and provide as many services as possible to people who need them during a critical time in their lives. Moe’s contribution is critical and she is an integral part of HELP of Southern Nevada.