Daily Point of Light # 2570 Dec 11, 2003

The tireless efforts and selfless work of Norman Ginebaugh have improved the services of several nonprofit organizations in West Michigan. His main thrust of activity is donation and commodity pick-ups, solicitations and agency deliveries. Donations are a crucial component to hunger relief agencies, and he helps in providing that pathway.

In recent studies conducted by Second Harvest Gleaners of West Michigan, hundreds of children were identified in the Grand Rapids public school system as being undernourished and in need of nutrition intervention. This hunger issue caused children to suffer abnormal cognitive, physical and psychological development; and these conditions are irreparable. Kids Food Basket (KFB) is a hunger relief agency in Grand Rapids, which is dedicated to attacking childhood hunger in the community and serves an evening meal to children who have been identified by school officials as being undernourished.

The program began feeding hungry children in the fall of 2001, with Ginebaugh as an integral part of its foundation. He embraced the mission and made it a goal to see that no child would have to look in the mirror at the face of hunger. His support and sweat have helped to provide hundreds of thousands of sack-suppers to children in need. Ginebaugh sees to it that KFB has healthy and nutritious food to provide each school day. He continually strives to spread awareness about the severity of the hidden problem and therefore has increased food donation as well as promoting a stronger volunteer workforce. He not only gives nutritious meals through sack supper, but he gives hope to countless hungry children in Grand Rapids.

Ginebaugh spends his days amidst the agencies in the city and assists in several ways. He solicits donations and takes care of the food bank pick-ups. While he is serving he takes note of the needs of each of the agencies for which he serves and shares goods. When he goes to grocery stores to pick up donations, and he makes mental notes of which agencies are most in need of particular items so they can be matched best. His dedication has saved KFB a tremendous amount of money and has allocated goods in the most efficient way.