Daily Point of Light # 2569 Dec 10, 2003

The Candia family works together to impact the quality of life in their San Antonio community.

Abel Candia has served as Assistant Scoutmaster and Scoutmaster of Troop 23 since 1982. He also volunteers for the religious program conducted at the Fort Sam Houston Dodd Field Chapel. His wife, Patti, volunteers for the Boy Scouts of America and the Dodd Field Chapel religious program also. She teaches CCD and Sunday school. In addition, Mrs. Candia coaches the cheerleading team on the base.

Rhiannon Candia began her volunteer service as a result of the example set by her parents. She serves for the Fort Sam Houston Catholic Chapel Program as a CCD teaching assistant, a lector and a Eucharistic minister. She also coaches a Tiny Tot basketball team and earned recognition for her stellar coaching ability. Rhiannon was also instrumental in starting a volunteer program at St. Phillips College, where she is a student; and she has served as a camp counselor at Camp C.A.M.P. In addition Rhiannon is a volunteer reader for kindergarten students at Hillcrest Elementary School.

Geofrey Candia also volunteers as a result of his family’s example. He is a middle school student and a member of Boy Scout Troop 23. He is an alter server at the Fort Sam Houston Dodd Field Chapel religious program, and he has participated in feeding the homeless with the Under the Nolan Street Bridge Project. In addition, his efforts that helped to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout include nursing home visitations and his support of San Antonio children shelters.

In addition to their own volunteer activities, the Candia family has drawn other adults and youth into the circle of volunteers at Fort Sam Houston and within the San Antonio community. As a family, they have accumulated more than 2,900 hours of volunteer service. Although they volunteer together, as individuals they bring diverse strengths to their team.

Mr. Candia has inspired his family and others to dedicate their time at talents to volunteer activities in multiple organizations at Fort Sam Houston and San Antonio. Mrs. Candia is a role model to young people both in high school and college. Her focus is to make volunteering a normal part of everyone’s life, not a requirement for graduation. Rhiannon draws her new circle of friends into activities that involve community service. During the Christmas season, she enlisted the help of her friends to deliver gifts and food baskets for Irma’s Angel Project. Geofrey works very hard to practice cheerful service, which is a motto of the Boy Scouts of America Order of the Arrow. He assists in the service projects conducted by his troop, his Order of the Arrow Lodge, his church and his school. His commitment to volunteer has also resulted in other middle school youth choosing to serve.