North Carolina Woman Finds Homes for Abandoned and Special Needs Pets

Daily Point of Light # 6063 Aug 10, 2017

They say that a dog is man’s best friend. This is true for Erin Turner and she goes to great lengths to ensure that man’s best friend has a loving home. She is the founder, president, manager, and visionary of Stepping Stones Canine Rescue, an organization uniquely successful in placing abandoned, stray and special needs dogs in homes appropriate for them and their adopted families. The key to Erin’s success is spending countless hours assessing the dogs and visiting homes of potential adopters to facilitate the perfect match, which increases the likelihood of finding forever homes for the dogs and minimizes stress for both the dogs and families. Through Stepping Stones Canine Rescues, Erin and her team not only help hundreds of dogs each year, but educate potential adopters and the community regarding proper canine care, working with many community organizations and businesses to increase awareness about canine rescue and raise funds to care for dogs in need.

Jia Gayles