Pat Peddie

Daily Point of Light # 4330 Sep 10, 2010

Pat Peddie has been a volunteer at Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County for more than two years. While serving the organization, she has become very passionate about the ReStore, a retail operation that recycles used and surplus construction supplies for sale to the general public at a fraction of their worth.
Pat’s dedication has inspired her team at Habitat for Humanity and has truly motivated them to work together. She has been a key factor in recruiting, maintaining, and expanding a crew of regular volunteers for the ReStore. Pat has worked directly with more than 100 volunteers, ranging from college students to senior citizens.

She volunteers at the ReStore because of its positive environmental impact to society and the sustainability it brings to Habitat for Humanity. Under her leadership, the organization’s $42,000 in sales have kept more than 40,000 pounds of waste out of the stream.
Pat’s work with the ReStore is creating many new and expanded opportunities for the organization. Service in the ReStore caters to a new demographic—high school students. Most high school students are not old enough to volunteer on construction sites; however, the ReStore provides a hands-on service activity for students 14 years old or older to be involved with Habitat for Humanity’s mission of providing safe, decent, affordable housing for families in need.

Pat continues to significantly impact Habitat for Humanity by helping the organization become more self-sufficient for the greater community of Montgomery County.