Penny Holland

Daily Point of Light # 5940 Feb 20, 2017

If the term “Wonder Woman” wasn’t already taken, it would be just one of the many titles that Penny Holland would have. Penny always goes above and beyond the call of duty in her commitments and does so with energy and excitement.  Mention her name to the various theatre groups in Forsyth County, their faces light up and are more than eager to tell you how they couldn’t do without her commitment and hard work. In the homeschool community she is referred to as a leader, innovator of creative programing and commits countless hours sharing information with other homeschool educators in the area. Penny is unparalleled in creating collaborations within the community. It’s not unusual for Penny to be volunteering at one organization and bring ideas to the table on how the project could benefit the community even more if they partnered with another organization. Penny is an excellent leader and brings out the best qualities in others. Her enthusiasm is contagious when leading a project and magically transforms a group to people into a team. She is able to make everyone feel important regardless of the task at hand and she’s a whiz at keeping everybody organized.

Jia Gayles