Penny Poe

Daily Point of Light # 1218 Oct 5, 1998

In 1983, seeing the needs of students in her school, retired teacher Penny Poe began purchasing items of clothing from her own funds and giving them away. As the needs of the students grew, so did Ms. Poe's desire to help, which led her to found the Putman City Care…Share program. This program is composed of several entities operating for the benefit of needy children and their families.

Part of the Putnam City Care…Share program is the Kids Kloset. The Kids Kloset is a storehouse filled with donated children's clothing. Under Ms. Poe's supervision, volunteers collect the clothes from clothing drives, wash and sort them according to size. Children in need can come to the Kloset and select free clothing and shoes. Money for these items is raised by organizations such as Ronald McDonald Charities and Wal-Mart.

Another facet of the Putnam City Care…Share program is Hands Against Hunger. Every week, high school students transport food from the food bank to the homes of needy children. A week's supply of food is provided, benefiting not only the needy children but their families as well.

The last element of the Putnam City Care…Share program takes place during the holiday season. During this time of the year, hundreds of volunteers organize a supply of food and gifts, enough to last a month, and deliver them to needy families.

In addition to her work with Putnam City Care…Share program, Ms. Poe helped to find a home for a disabled orphan from Bosnia, whose parents were killed by landmines. Ms. Poe was able to work with the government on this matter, enabling the girl to come to the United States.

Although her health is failing, Ms. Poe has remained an integral part of Putnam City Care…Share program.