Stewart Gordon

Daily Point of Light # 1219 Oct 6, 1998

Dr. Stewart Gordon is an assistant professor of Pediatrics and the Residency Program director for Earl K. Long Medical Center. While a resident at Charity Hospital in New Orleans, he witnessed two children die due to child abuse. He was so devastated by this that he decided to put his foot down and go to work every day with the intention of making a difference in the life of at least one child every day.

Because of his compassion for children, Dr. Gordon's volunteer service is entirely related to children. He is actively involved in various programs and organizations. For the Louisiana Council on Child Abuse (LCCA), Dr. Gordon is a member of the First Steps Advisory committee, the Program committee and its speaker’s bureau. He volunteers at the Stop Rape Crisis Center, acts as treasurer for the Missing and Exploited Children Comprehensive Action program and is on the office of Community Services' Multidisciplinary team. Dr. Gordon is also involved doing a "Committed to Kids" weight-loss program, which has expanded nation-wide on the Internet.

As a volunteer at LCCA, Dr. Gordon stays on-call, goes to meetings faithfully and is frequently called to give speeches. He has also volunteered more than 1,000 hours since September 1995.

Fifty percent of LCCA's funding comes from federal and state grants, while the remaining 50% comes from private, philanthropic and corporate donations. Last year, Dr. Gordon was awarded the Blue Cross Blue Shield Angel Award for Louisiana and was the recipient of LCCA's most prestigious award, the "Champion for Children" award.