Philip Stump

Daily Point of Light # 5180 Mar 24, 2014

Philip C. Stump has donated hundreds of hours on an annual basis serving the residents of Montgomery Township, Pennsylvania as a volunteer firefighter. As a volunteer firefighter, Stump has help provide the township with fire protection and fire safety education.

Montgomery Township is approximately ten square miles and is located in Montgomery County. The township is densely populated and loaded with various industrial businesses. Stump and the other volunteers have been instrumental in providing fire protection to the residents and businesses in Montgomery Township, while keeping the cost of these operations at a minimum. Through various community events, Stump and the department continue to educate the township’s youth in fire safety. He responds to emergency calls and finished in the top five for number of responses from 2006-2009.

Moreover, Stump participates in community events. He has served as a lieutenant, captain, vice president and head trustee for the organization. He is always willing to help with in-house projects and training.

Over the years, Stump has donated hundreds of hours annually to the committee – responding to calls at all hours of the day, evening, and staying overnight in the firehouse at least on a weekly basis in order to ensure a timely response in times of need.
He is a truly dedicated, dynamic individual committed to service.

Dev Staff