Lucille McCarthy

Daily Point of Light # 5181 Mar 25, 2014

Since the mid-1940s, Lucille O. McCarthy has been a faithful member and volunteer of the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary (DAVA). McCarthy’s involvement in DAVA began when her husband, John C. McCarthy, became disabled after serving in France and Belgium during World War II.

In the 1960s, McCarthy became DAVA’s youngest national commander. Since then, she has held many national offices and volunteered in Veterans Health Administration facilities in Nebraska, Massachusetts, New York, Florida, and Washington DC.

At the age of 92, McCarthy still held a DAVA national office while also serving as her state’s advisor and financial committee member until her recent hospitalization in the fall of 2013. McCarthy has been active in the DAVA for approximately 67 years, and continues to make DAVA a viable service organization.

Dev Staff