Ponte Vedra High School Sharks and Minnows Club

Daily Point of Light # 5463 Apr 23, 2015

Sharks and minnows are friends, not foes, at Ponte Vedra High School in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

Sharks and Minnows, a service club comprised of a group of enthusiastic teenagers, spend their after school hours serving as mentors at after school programs for at-risk elementary age students. Additionally, the teens fundraise and host collection drives for much needed items like books, coats and school supplies.

These students use social media to spread the word about their work, engage supporters and recruit new members. Most importantly however, it that the Sharks and Minnows club has done a great job in generating enthusiasm for service among their peers. The club has become so popular that students who otherwise can’t find time for extracurricular activities find a way to get involved. Take the PVHS football team, as soon as the season ended, a group of players approached the Sharks and Minnows team asking to get involved as soon as they possibly could.

The club is comprised of about 30 volunteers and one teacher who mentor approximately 30-40 at-risk elementary age kids every week during the school year.

Only in its second year, Sharks and Minnows has doubled in volunteer participation and has plans to expand to other schools in coming year.

Dev Staff