Project Angel Faces

Daily Point of Light # 4381 Nov 22, 2010

After a terrible car accident that left her body severely wounded, dancer Rhonda Killough, decided to found Project AngelFaces as a part of her physical and emotional recovery.
Today, Project AngelFaces is a multifaceted social service organization working to improve the quality of life of community elders, youth and mentally handicapped individuals in need by providing them with fresh fruits and vegetables. Project AngelFaces participants and volunteers believe in the abundance of the world, making needed food available for Henderson, Nevada community members.
Not only does Project AngelFaces collect local, neighborhood-grown fruits and vegetables and donate the harvest to existing social service providers who care for seniors and youth, but they also provide consultation, install, manage and maintain organic gardens across throughout Nevada.
To train others to grow their own food, Project AngelFaces provides organic gardening education. Through two programs, Project AngelFaces improves the quality of life of high-functioning intellectually challenged individuals and at-risk youth ages 6-12 engaging both groups in active fun and friendship while learning about nutrition and organic gardening.
Project AngelFaces invites us all to consume locally grown food, and lessen the burden on the global community to provide for our needs. They know that when we share what we have readily available, we build healthy, happy communities.