Rachel Derosia

Daily Point of Light # 3719 May 6, 2008

Rachel is a dedicated part of the Chemo Pal Program at the Children's Cancer Association (CCA).

As a Pediatric Chemo Pal Mentor, Rachel helps children and teens break through the isolation, chaos and loneliness of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. This volunteer program's purpose is to provide a supportive relationship, ensuring that each child maintains self-esteem and confidence throughout the emotionally isolating and physically difficult cancer treatment.

She also provides support and guidance through dependable visits in the midst of the battle against cancer. She participates in visits at the hospitals, clinic, and in the home in order to play games, take walks, read, do art projects or share hobbies with the child or teen that she has been placed with.

Rachel is on the board for School House Supplies; she volunteers at the Oregon Food Bank and for the environment and helps with the CCA auction and other events. She has been matched in the Chemo Pal program with three different children: Britney, Megan, and Gabe. Between the three, she has played numerous games, made many pieces of jewelry and engaged in countless conversations. Her main goal with the program is to give the children the individual attention that they need and to have a positive attitude.