Annika Joshi

Daily Point of Light # 3718 May 5, 2008

Annika Joshi is an all-around volunteer, who is involved in numerous community activities as well as being a Chemo Pal for the Children's Cancer Association (CCA).

As a Pediatric Chemo Pal Mentor, Annika helps children and teens break through the isolation, chaos and loneliness of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. This volunteer program's purpose is to provide a supportive relationship, ensuring that each child maintains self-esteem and confidence throughout the emotionally isolating and physically difficult cancer treatment. Annika provides support and guidance through dependable visits in the midst of the battle against cancer. She visits hospitals, clinic, and homes in order to play games, take walks, read, do art projects or share hobbies with the child or teen that she has been placed with.

Annika is currently matched with eight-year-old Megan. She originally became involved in the program about six months ago.

When she was first matched with Megan, there was no communication because Megan would not speak to Annika. She really tried to figure out what Megan was interested in, and eventually got her to talk over games of Scene It and spaghetti lunches together. Eventually Megan became comfortable talking to Annika and now Megan is much more social. They enjoy playing board games, doing craft projects and chatting.

Annika also donates her time to the Oregon Health and Science University, the American Heart Association and participates in many volunteer trips to Mexico during college.