Resources for Independence Central Valley

Daily Point of Light # 5174 Mar 14, 2014

Resources for Independence Central Valley (RICV) develops opportunities for individuals with disabilities and advocates that other community members and leaders include this group as an active and critical part of growth and development.

Through the organization’s pioneer project, Community Leadership Academy (CLA), RICV trains individuals with disabilities to participate actively on nonprofit boards, community advisory boards, committees and councils. A wide range of persons participates in the CLA program with a wide range of disabilities including visual, ambulatory, physical, hearing etc.

Implemented in 2010, RICV has held six CLA cohorts in different locations in California and over 60 persons with disabilities have graduated. Many have become members of boards and committees. Furthermore, RICV is now training other centers around the country to start their own CLA programs, prompting RICV to launch a CLA “Train the Trainers” nationwide in 2012.

Dev Staff