Daily Point of Light # 2211 Jul 25, 2002

Richard Kelly has spent the past seven years serving the Department of Children and Families in the Volusia, Florida area. He is involved in all of the major activities hosted by the Department. He spends many hours picking up, sorting, and distributing gifts to give during the holidays. He volunteers at the Department’s children as well as senior Christmas party. In addition, he serves at the Volunteer Recognition ceremony and the annual Book Club Fair.

Last year more than 4,000 gifts were distributed to children in Volusia and Flagler counties as a result of Kelly’s hard work. He solicited donations and recruited others to do the same so children would not have to suffer and go without during the season that is supposed to be characterized by giving. In addition, more than 250 gifts were given to senior citizens and 100 gifts were presented to persons with developmental disabilities.

Kelly spends time working directly with the children, also. He has taught children in foster care how to build CD racks. They have also learned how to assemble friendship bracelets at a “class” he gave at the Book Club kickoff carnival. He never believes any task is too small or tedious, and he watched the younger children at the Volunteer Recognition ceremony while their parents were presented awards.

Mr. Kelly is available to assist the Department with any activity. If he was a paid staff member, you could say he was always on call. His demeanor touches the children and makes them comfortable. His encouraging words also sooth children dealing with the frustration of being in foster care. Sometimes he believes children just need to be listened to and he does just that. When he can, he also helps the children and encourages them to read because that will open new doors for them and help them as they mature into young adults.