Daily Point of Light # 2210 Jul 24, 2002

Inspired by Mother Teresa, Fallan Branco has started her own organization, Teen Angels, which identifies people in her community who are in need and helps them however they can. For example, when Fallan heard about a young mother with 18-month old triplets whose husband died unexpectedly and left her with no insurance, Fallan was the driving force behind organizing fundraisers and contacting local businesses. As a result of her efforts, Fallan was able to raise thousands of dollars in cash donations, food, clothing, furniture and other basic necessities for the family.

“I can do what you cannot do. You can do what I cannot do. Together we can do great things. This was once said by Mother Teresa, a woman who has inspired me to create my own organization and helped me to realize the importance of volunteering. Reaching out to those who are less fortunate teaches us very important lessons about responsibility and resolve,” stated Fallan.

In addition, she organizes fundraisers throughout the year and then fills Christmas gift bags with warm clothes, candy, toys and school supplies and she and her “elves” deliver them to the shelters in her community. This year, Fallan delivered 45 bags.

As a member of the National Honor Society at Brockton High School, Fallan was instrumental in raising $5,000 dollars in one week to help the victims of the September 11 attack on America.

Through an email campaign and through her web page, she has encouraged other teens throughout the country to begin their own Teen Angels program in their communities. Fallan has donated over 1,900 hours to this program. To find out more about Teen Angels, check out the website at www.geocities.com/teen_angels1_1