Daily Point of Light # 1965 Aug 15, 2001

Rick Rollins, an Account Manager for KPMG, has been a star volunteer for the Dallas County Juvenile Department’s Youth Village for three years. In 2000, Rollins donated more than 200 hours serving as an initiator of new programs, recruiter for financial and volunteer support, Steering Committee chairman, friend and role model to the youth and staff, and public relations person for the Youth Village and residents.

Youth Village is the Juvenile Department’s long-term residential facility for 88 male offenders. The juvenile judge places the youth who are on probation at Youth Village because they have not done well living at home. The program goals are to meet the educational, spiritual, physical, psychological and emotional needs of the children in their care so the youth will not re-enter the juvenile system or advance into the adult detention system. Rollins has been instrumental and highly successful in meeting not only the basic needs of the young men at Youth Village, but also has gone the extra mile to create new opportunities and options for 88 young males.

Rollins, in addition to being actively involved in the church, parenting four children, and serving as a leader in the Dallas Boy Scouts program, finds time in his schedule to make a difference in the lives of youth who may term as “throw aways.” Rollins first became involved when KPMG came to Youth Village for their “World of Spirit” workday. Soon after, Rollins volunteered to assist with holiday gifts for the residents of the village. In the spring of 1999, the Youth Village superintendent was searching for a person to chair a Steering Committee for a new, exciting event that would educate the public regarding Youth Village, recruit volunteers, solicit college/vocational scholarship funding and recruit possible work sites for the residents after they have been discharged. Rollins stepped forward and agreed to take on the responsibility as chairman of the “Jubilee Celebration 2000.”

Rollins has been able to effectively deal with an abundance of personality issues and numerous problems that seemed insurmountable for a first time event. He donated hundreds of hours meeting with the community leaders, corporations, small and large businesses to gain financial support for the Jubilee. When it appeared that there was no way the committee could be ready for the Jubilee by June of 2000, Rollins forged ahead with leadership and faith.

Throughout the time from the spring of 1999 to the present when Rick has been planning, soliciting, meeting and working, he was enduring dozens of special surgeries for severe skin cancer. He stated that a higher power led him to this volunteer role to help him through this difficult period in his life. He looks upon his many volunteer job challenges as a gift. As a result of his leadership, belief in the potential of the youth, and long hours of problem-solving, the “Jubilee Celebration 2000” was a success.

While juggling many tasks for work, family, medical needs, and the Jubilee, Rollins managed to assist in forming the first Boy Scout Troop at Youth Village. He was instrumental in securing $10,000 in donations to support the Boy Scout program. Currently, Rollins is assisting Youth Village in becoming its own 501(c)(3) organization.