Riley Strube

Daily Point of Light # 5356 Nov 25, 2014

Eleven-year-old Riley Strube has found a way to use her passion for dance to help others in her North Little Rock, AR community. She volunteers weekly with special needs children by helping teach them dance and performing with them onstage.

Riley quickly saw how the classes help special needs children gain confidence, improve balance, advance their social skills and make new friendships.

The effort to make a lasting difference even transcends beyond the dance studio, as Riley has spearheaded fundraising activities so these special children can have a playground built specifically for them. Through this community service, Riley has found success attracting her peers to join her: students from seven local schools are now involved in this work.

This young leader merged together her creative talents and her compassion to make a difference in the lives of others. That makes Riley Strube a Daily Point of Light. Who are the people in your community that are performing exceptional volunteer work for the greater good? Nominate someone for a Daily Point of Light Award at