Daily Point of Light # 2394 Apr 9, 2003

Catholic Community Services is dependent on volunteers to help distribute food five days a week. These volunteers help gather, sort, bag and distribute food boxes.

For the past 13 years Catholic Community Services of Northern Utah (CCS) has distributed food boxes to low-income and poverty stricken individuals. CCS feeds more than 8000 people each month. There are in excess of 3600 households seeking supplemental food boxes each month. Last year they provided more than 97,000 individuals with food boxes. Catholic Community Services of Northern Utah has over 200 volunteers each month.

These volunteers help in the office, at the warehouse, and providing home delivery to seniors and shut-ins five days a week. They work with youth corrections, juvenile and adult courts, as well as senior programs to help staff the volunteer positions needed. Volunteers put in 20-40 hours each week helping with the distribution of food.

Robert Bradshaw has donated his time to picking up donations for the Northern Utah Food Bank. Bradshaw is 85 years old. He uses his own vehicle and has purchased five additional refrigerators and three freezers to help store the donations until he delivers them to CCCS. . He has brought over 128,495 pounds of food to the agency in the past year.

He has spent more than 1,800 hours gathering, sorting, and distributing food. On top of all of that he has put in excess of 6,350 miles on his own small pickup truck. He delivers 6-8 pallets of food each week to the food bank. The produce and food that he brings feeds 60 to 70 people each week. The food he delivers is a blessing to those who stand in line for the food boxes.

When you think about the amount of food he delivers each year, it is quite astronomical. The food that Bradshaw delivers feeds more than 3,300 people each year. His commitment and dedication to bringing fresh produce, milk, and other food items is greatly appreciated by both the staff at CCS and the clients who are need in Northern Utah.