Daily Point of Light # 2598 Jan 20, 2004

Robert Graham has been a volunteer counselor at St. Andrew Baptist Church Benevolence Center for more than five years. He volunteers two days per week, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00am until 12noon. He has been an encouragement to the hundreds of persons whom he has counseled that have visited the center.

Many of those who visit the center have lost their jobs. They cannot find employment. Utilities have not been paid, and they have been served with a cut-off notice. They do not have adequate food for the family. Children have outgrown much of their clothing, and winter is fast approaching.

Some are in the process of divorce and are uncertain of the new circumstances that now surround their lives. Many are already divorced and are living in a state of uncertainty, loneliness, fear and anxiety. Often the children are not adjusting well to the new lifestyles that have been forced upon them; they are having problems in school.

Very often when parents and families visit the center, hopelessness has made deep inroads into their lives. Mr. Graham is a perpetual optimist. He has the capacity to enable those whom he councils to see and accept a re-direction for their lives. He abounds with hope and freshness of life, which he is able to communicate to those that are losing, or have already lost, hope and cannot see clearly because of the dark cloud of defeat that overshadows their lives. Mr. Graham is a ray of sunshine, wisdom, hope, optimism and encouragement that points the way to a new day.