Roger Baker

Daily Point of Light # 5205 Apr 28, 2014

Roger Baker of Cedar Grove, Wisconsin has been an active Boy Scout leader for 17 years. His selfless and often tireless dedication has led to a high percentage of youth achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. He has spearheaded several youth oriented projects such as the annual pinewood derby; ensuring scouts have a safe and enjoyable time not just at the race, but also in the shop learning to construct their cars. Baker leads quietly, without self-promotion and is always ready to lend a hand.

Every community counts on the next generation for vitality and Cedar Grove is no different. Cedar Grove has a population of approximately 2,000 people. Scouting holds a large presence within the community. Much of that presence is due in large part to Baker’s efforts. While a small community, Cedar Grove regularly has 80 boys actively involved in scouting because Baker works hard to make these organizations vital to the community.

Baker’s leadership efforts have given Boy Scouts life within Cedar Grove. There are regular meetings, community activities, and a sense of responsibility owed to the community. The boys have gained great confidence through scouting. What started out, as a pack of a small handful of boys in 1997 has become a strong healthy pack that sustains number outpacing other communities of similar size. Always active and engaged within their community, the boys have thrived under Baker’s tutelage.

Dev Staff