Daily Point of Light # 1805 Jan 3, 2001

Rolinda Hill has been an advocate for her Harlem community. She has taken a major interest in her city since she was a teenager. As a youth, she tutored children so they would be better equipped for life. She wanted to foster in them a love of reading and writing as strong as her own. She has continued her volunteer service as an adult. She began work with tenants’ rights since new building owners were taking over several deteriorated apartment complexes in the community. She was concerned that the neglected buildings would stay in their same condition of disrepair or be renovated and become high priced and not available to the present tenants.

Hill’s concern led her to be an advocate of elderly members of the community as well as families with young children. Though the New York City Housing Department owns most of the buildings, they are a tough group to “take on” and communicate with as well. Even so, Hill created a Task Force that works with the department in ensuring the protection of those tenants. Her hard work paid off, and the result of the dedication was renovated building with the tenants remaining in their renovated homes. In addition to that, a new park will soon be erected on the block where another decrepit building once stood.

Hill was energized by her success and continued to keep the community together. She now holds an Annual Block Fair, which provides fun and also invites helpful community organizations that cater to the young and old. A mobile health vehicle is there to test for TB. There is also a youth van that offers family planning and education on sexually transmitted diseases. In addition to this, there is private HIV testing.

Hill has used her diplomacy to also promote literacy in her community which has always been her concern. She recognizes that knowledge empowers and literacy is at the base of learning. She is a learning leader and tutors children in PS 197 in District 5 in Harlem. She also has obtained training from Harlem Reads/ Harlem Writes so she can provide parents with literacy skills to help themselves as well as their children.

Rolinda Hill is an excellent reprsentation and product of New York City. Her love of her city has caused her to dedicate herself to give back. Her concerns and passionate work has ranged from the young to the old. Regardless of the scope, she has definitely made a positive impact for many in the Big Apple.