Rosemary Mauk

Daily Point of Light # 1389 Jun 1, 1999

Unique in the Tarrant County area, Rosemary "Rosie" Mauk combines divergent ideas into a common vision to serve the disenfranchised within her community. Her enthusiasm and dedication to creating a healthy Tarrant County are invaluable resources to those who live there. Her leadership has been the key to an increased understanding of the diverse needs of the Tarrant County residents among public leaders and private citizens.

Early in the spring of 1998, Mauk assessed there was a need for accessible addiction treatment for adolescents in her community. With this knowledge, she brought about the collaboration of substance abuse treatment providers to create a campus that provides a continuum of services. In April of 1999, the first adolescent treatment campus for uninsured youth will opened to provide wraparound services for addiction treatment. Five agencies cooperate to provide these services and it is the first of its kind to be funded in the state. Mauk has taken a lead role in drawing together people of various affiliations to take a proactive role in the community's public health needs.

For 10 years, Mauk has been active in the local fight against AIDS, serving on the Board of Directors and as chair of the 1995 AIDS Walk. Currently, she is President of the Board of Directors of AIDS Outreach Center. Her staunch public support for HIV/AIDS services and preventive education promotes discussion about HIV/AIDS in the boardrooms of corporations and foundations throughout the community.

During the past year, she spearheaded a capital campaign of over four million dollars for the local YWCA. Mauk's tireless work on behalf of women and children's health paid off in an excess of 10% of the goal. She has taken the role of community volunteer to the highest level. It is likely that the Tarrant County community is thankful for the gifts of service, time and talent that Rosemary Mauk has bestowed.