Rosemary Quast

Daily Point of Light # 3468 May 21, 2007

Missoula, MT has many citizens who depend on Medicare benefits to pay for healthcare needs. However, many seniors have problems understanding their coverage, reading through their statements of benefits, and knowing they are receiving all of the benefits that should be afforded to them.

The Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) Program was created to assist seniors with their Medicare benefits. Rosemary Quast has been an active SMP volunteer since 2003. During her time of service with the program, she has been invaluable with her dedication and assistance to numerous seniors in Missoula County who have expressed concern over their Medicare coverage.

Rosemary is a highly skilled volunteer who pays acute attention to the details of each case she undertakes. Her knowledge of the medical profession and billing practices combine to make her an ideal volunteer for the SMP Program. Rosemary works with Medicare consumers so they will understand their notices, know what they are being billed for and ensure they are being charged correctly. She is an advocate that provides oversight.

Rosemary has given presentations to groups of Medicare Beneficiaries. She has also assisted in creating a database and system for tracking presentations in the Missoula community. She continually meets the challenges of the Medicare system with a positive attitude, and her thorough investigation of each of her cases is noteworthy.

Without Rosemary’s volunteer service, the SMP Program would not be as effective in the community as it is today. As a result of her time and effort, more citizens understand their coverages, their rights and fully understand their statements each time they are treated.