Daily Point of Light # 3021 Sep 2, 2005

Sarah Parker is a student volunteer leader for the college’s GIVE (GC&SU Involved in Volunteer Efforts) Center and she has been involved with many different areas, departments, offices and organizations on our campus. She has proved herself to be a prime example of what a student leader should be and represent.

Two years ago, one of Sarah’s biggest responsibilities was being the Student Coordinator for the American Red Cross Scrubby Bear program. It is a program that works with elementary age children in teaching them the importance of washing their hands as well as the proper way to wash their hands. It is a great teaching tool that the American Red Cross has in place.

This position takes a lot of organizational and communication skills, team work, patience, direction, hard work, perseverance, dedication and desire to want to do the best possible job her and her volunteers can do. One of the neatest things about this program is that Sarah is a nursing major and she has taken what she has learned in the classroom to better our community. Without the hard work and determination of Sarah Parker, the Baldwin County American Red Cross could not say that all kindergarteners have gone through the Scrubby Bear program. This means that all kindergarteners know the importance of washing their hands and how to properly wash their hands. Wow what a difference one person can make. Now Sarah did not do this by herself but she was the spark that started the fire.

She puts 110 percent into everything she does. She has such a high standard for herself as well as the others she is around and works with. Sarah is making a difference both on and off campus and is a great role model for other students as well as faculty and staff.