Daily Point of Light # 3022 Sep 5, 2005

Second Genesis is a grateful benefactor of the generous dedication and services that the Property Management Association (PMA) gives to support our mission: to empower individuals and families to make choices that will enable them to experience a healthy, responsible life free from alcohol, drugs, crimes, violence and exploitation. PMA strives to promote knowledge and education of the property management industry and also provides community outreach where its expertise is used to improve the standard of living for many in the greater Washington, D.C. area.

Second Genesis’ relationship with PMA began in early 2000 when its Community Service Committee undertook the challenge of renovating Second Genesis’ then-closed D.C. Therapeutic Community. PMA volunteers and contractors worked tirelessly plastering, installing dry wall, painting, replacing windows and electrical wiring, and renovating bathrooms to make the building re-inhabitable. Thanks to PMA’s gift of service, the D.C. facility reopened enabling substance-abusing men from the criminal justice system to restructure their lives in a safe and warm environment as they work to become contributing members of society.

The partnership was strengthened in May 2002 when PMA recognized a need for a recreational outlet for the youth at our Mellwood House, which supports women and women with their children. PMA volunteers spent more than a year fundraising, meeting with contractors, and compiling a “wish list” from the Mellwood children and mothers for a new playground and recreation area. PMA made the construction of the new playground a community-wide initiative involving local, external contractors and volunteers. PMA continued its commitment to improving the facility when it installed a new basketball court in December 2004. The additions and improvements made by PMA volunteers enable Mellwood residents to gain a well-rounded experience that will prepare them for life after treatment as productive members of the community. Now, mothers can exercise outdoors, and children can be active while learning valuable social skills and “just being a kid” in the treatment environment.

PMA is also renovating and creating a new computer room where children can enhance their learning through educational software, and mothers can continue their professional development through vocational training. PMA supports both the physical structure of our program, and warms the hearts that live within. Each year PMA volunteers perform magic shows, appear as the Easter Bunny, coordinate egg hunts, tend a tomato garden with the children, and organize other events for Mellwood House. Recently, a PMA member involved her daughter’s Girl Scout troop to coordinate a diaper drive donating $325 of diapers to Mellwood mothers.