Selena Quick

Daily Point of Light # 3157 Mar 13, 2006

Selena Quick is the BellSouth Pioneer President of the Greater Orlando Area. When she took over as President, she aggressively tripled the volunteer projects in and around her community. She has a passion for helping others and it shows in her every day life. She is actively involved in so many things; it is hard to think that she has a life outside of volunteering. But often, she brings her children in to help, showing them as well, and the benefits of helping others.

Selena touches the lives of so many. Her roll as President of Pioneers enables her to help others less fortunate and she encourages others to do the same. Some of her projects include but are not limited to: THE RUSSEL HOUSE (a home for A-Typical handicapped children) where she visits the children quarterly and recently had materials donated to install phone lines for free; SCHOOL MENTORING PROGRAM: A part of the mentoring program at Evans high School and helping new teachers stay in school through the Signature Project; JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT. (Volunteers with JA as well as fundraising); ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS US MAP PAINTING (where a 20’ x 15’ map of the United States is painted on various elementary school grounds and the children learn the States by playing games on it with teachers); 2nd HARVEST FOOD BANK (this year, she had 10 BellSouth Vans loaded full with canned foods and non perishable items during Save you Christmas Food Drive with Channel 2); DRESS A CHILD (where she organized dressing needy children from head to toe for Christmas presents from parents who could not afford it; SCHOOL SUPPLY DRIVE: where school items are collected and delivered to Elementary schools in the low income areas; BLOOD DRIVE: She has the blood mobile come out to her office building every quarter for donations; THE BIG RIDE: A project to promote Brain Injury Awareness, where she was able to get the Mayor of Orlando to declare it “The Big Ride Day” in the city of Orlando; and SALVATION ARMY: She organizes hundreds of Christmas Stockings to be filled and Teddy Bears to be dressed for needy children every Christmas.

Quick’s outstanding leadership abilities arm her to be able to help others in her community. Not only has she helped the lives of so many, but she enjoys helping others and never expects anything in return. She really does go above and beyond. She is someone that is so caring and makes such an impact around her.