Sheriff Andrew P. Meloni

Daily Point of Light # 1166 Jul 23, 1998

Andrew Meloni has been the Sheriff of Monroe County since 1980. For more than 5 years, Sheriff Meloni has been volunteering with the Compeer program. Compeer is a nonprofit agency that matches community volunteers in supportive friendships with children and adults who have been diagnosed with or are at risk of developing a mental illness.

Since 1986, Sheriff Meloni has been matched with seven different boys. When considering entering into a new friendship, he always requests boys with significant special needs, particularly boys with few community support systems. He in turn offers them friendship, acceptance, community resources and consistency. His mentorship and role modeling provide young boys with the tools they need to grow into responsible citizens.

Sheriff Meloni meets weekly with Matthew, his current Compeer friend. The two share dinners at Meloni's home and visit the police horse barn together. The sheriff has also played an active role in the recruitment of new Compeer volunteers. He has starred in numerous recruitment videos and public service announcements. Each year, he also serves as the Master of Ceremonies for Compeer's annual Holiday Party.

In addition to his work with Compeer, Sheriff Meloni serves on the executive committee of the New York State Sheriff's Association and chairs their Ethics and Standards Committee.