Steven Cooley

Daily Point of Light # 4973 Mar 18, 2013

Steven Cooley started the STRAP program to provide mentoring and life skills to at-risk youth. As a deputy sheriff, Steven provides courtroom security for a juvenile court. Through his days spent in the courtroom, Steven realized a tremendous need to provide mentoring and life-skills training to teenage males, primarily those living in single-parent households.

As a result, Steven organized a group of lawyers, judges, and other members of his community he met through his work as a deputy sheriff to obtain the use of an office building and enlist volunteers to develop a mentor program. The program assigns mentors to young men, many of whom have been involved with the juvenile court and are at risk to become repeat offenders. In addition to the mentoring functions, the participants receive training in basic life skills as well as assistance in developing the maturity and self-control needed to make better decisions and stay out of trouble.

Steven is an example to others and his local community that concerned citizens can start programs that have a positive impact on the lives of children.

Dev Staff