Daily Point of Light # 2712 Jun 28, 2004

Sullivan Caldwell is on a personal crusade to service, nurture and prepare our young children for the tough challenges of today’s fast-paced world. He realizes that the traditional family is no longer the typical one. Families are often made up of single parents, stepparents and siblings or grandparents raising their children’s children. However, one caring person can have a tremendous impact on a child’s life.

Most of his work is centered on helping at-risk youth. Many of these children have no social skills and are often terrified and angry. Some of them have been hungry most of their young life and have rotten teeth due to malnourishment. He also works with mentally challenged children, hearing impaired youth and children born with AIDS.

Mr. Caldwell has been a part of Big Brothers Big Sister (BBBS) of Broward, Inc. for the past six years. This is a chapter of the preeminent national youth-service organization serving boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 18. During this time he has mentored two young boys, and his involvement has led to improved academic performance for them. He was also a Board Member, a part of the Fun Vision Committee, has coordinated the Adopt-a-Family program and he has orchestrated the school supply collection and donation of BBBS Broward, Inc.

He has also served with Kids in Distress (KIDS) in Ft. Lauderdale for the past one and a half years. KIDS is an emergency shelter that caters to children aged 8 months to 12 years old who have been removed from their parents care due to sever neglect, abuse and/or abandonment. In some cases, parental rights have been terminated. Mr. Caldwell’s initial contract required a commitment of 4 hours a month for one year. The next year he renewed his commitment to the agency and increased his volunteer hours to 4 per work. According to Independent Sector, if Mr. Caldwell were paid for the time he volunteered, his rate would be about $18 per hour. During 2003, he contributed 120 hours or $2,160 to KIDS.

In addition, Mr. Caldwell has volunteered with Covenant House Florida, Inc. This organization is the largest privately funded childcare agency in the United States that provides prevention, outreach and direct care including emergency and transitional shelter to runaway, homeless and at-risk youth under the age of 21. He has served with them for the past two years, and during that time Mr. Caldwell has introduced the Money Smart Program to the agency. This tool helps adults outside the financial mainstream improve their money skills. The curriculum helps individuals build financial knowledge and use banking services more effectively.

Mr. Caldwell is driven by an inner desire to bring attention to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of children. He is unconditionally committed to the success, growth and well being of others. If there is work of any kind to be done, Mr. Caldwell is there to help.