Daily Point of Light # 2274 Oct 22, 2002

The events of September 11th were seen by all across the nation and even the country. That day was chilly in New England, and Susan Morissette and her family were huddled on their couch watching the grizzly events unfold on the news. They were watching with a quilt thrown over them, and like most families; the death and destruction caused them much sadness and grief. However, Morissette’s four-year old son Christopher asked his mother if a monster did this to the people. This comment caused Morissette to go into action to make a positive out of a negative.

Morissette thought of the idea to make a “healing quilt” as a means of helping children express their sadness over this tragic event. The “Heart of America” quilt started as a project in the Winslow School district. It was designed to help children express their sadness and concern over the events of September 11th.

This project that Morissette began had turned into an international event. Over 36 states in America and three other countries have sent signed 45” by 45” panels. Once it is complete, it should cover more than one acre and will be sewn together in the form of a flag. A completion date of September 11, 2003 has been set. At this time, the quilt will then be taken to New York and presented to the families of the victims.

Morissette is busy as the mother of four children; however, she has used her talents and time in a way to bring some happiness to many who have been overwhelmed with grief. The quilt was available for signing on Make A Difference Day last year and will continue its journey with additions from many places until completion. Morrisette has designed a website,, so anyone can look at its journey and become a part of the healing also.