Daily Point of Light # 3047 Oct 10, 2005

Tanisha reported for duty as scheduled without tardiness or absence. She displayed a strong sense of duty where punctuality was concerned and served as an example to follow for Mental Health Service employees. Tanisha does not believe in idle time or unfinished projects and managed her own time as well as that of others to the best possible advantage. She was very talented, extremely reliable and dependable, had a very good sense of organization, and was consistent in carrying out her tasks in a fine manner. Tanisha established a sterling reputation for dependability due to the work she produced being correct, timely, and appropriate for the task in every instance.

Tanisha willingly accepts responsibility with grace, courtesy, and a smile. She is a tireless self-starter whose work is marked by accuracy, integrity, and thoroughness. She takes a great deal of pride in the quality of the work she produces, honestly answers questions about her work, and fully accepts responsibility for her actions. Tanisha is very resourceful, focused and dedicated when accomplishing her tasks and easily adapts to changes in policy, procedure, or assigned workload. She is very adept and successful at juggling multiple tasks simultaneously and was a very solid performer in our Service.

Tanisha possesses a cooperative, friendly spirit and is very pleasant and courteous to all she encounters. She is by nature a quiet person who displays a warm sincerity through her words, actions, and body language that immediately puts others at ease — which is extremely important in fostering relaxed interactions with patients in the Mental Health Department. Tanisha’s positive demeanor elicits trust and respect in dealings with patients, visitors, and staff. She collaborates and works very well with others at all levels in the Mental Health Service and in the Medical Center. She maintains an exceptionally positive attitude and is genuinely a very pleasant person to be around. Tanisha makes others feel good about themselves and patients especially enjoy her company.

Tanisha works very well with others in a cohesive, unified teamwork kind of way. She is motivated, focused, and does whatever it takes to accomplish her tasks in a highly acceptable manner. Tanisha is organized, welcomes change and new ideas, respects others, communicates clearly, is well balanced and well rounded, follows a strong code of ethics and values and encourages others to do the same, and seeks out challenges. She is, and will continue to be a role model for others to follow because she possesses the professional competence to know what to do, the fortitude to decide how and when to do it, and the ability to inspire others to accomplish it.

Tanisha displayed respect and empathy when dealing with patients and, because of this, they seemed to take to her very well and be very relaxed and comfortable in her presence. She is a very compassionate, caring person who consistently carried these traits over in her daily interactions with others. Tanisha’s quiet courteous, pleasant way of putting others at ease was an inspiration to us all and an example we would do well to follow.