Terry Grahl

Daily Point of Light # 4980 Apr 10, 2013

Terry Grahl founded Enchanted Makeovers, a national non-profit organization whose mission is to transform long-term stay homeless shelters for women and children into places that inspire behavioral and psychological change.

Terry started out as an award-winning decorator with her own business just outside of Detroit. One day, she received a call from an event coordinator at a Detroit homeless shelter asking for her assistance in improving the deteriorated shelter by painting the walls. Terry’s initial visit to the homeless shelter changed her life. Immediately, she realized the shelter’s problems went well beyond paint and bedspreads. She realized it lacked the message that everyone is worthy of more than just the bare necessities and basic needs.

Terry’s visit to the shelter moved her so much so that she took a leap of faith and founded Enchanted Makeovers to help the homeless with the goal of creating a unique model that nurtures women and children living in shelters. The various projects and programs of Enchanted Makeovers introduce women and children to a way of life, a way of thinking that helps to shift their outlook about the possibilities for the future. Terry and her team at Enchanted Makeovers transform shelters physically and emotionally into a beacon of hope.

It is not just about decorating or just painting a wall. There is great significance behind what the team of volunteers at Enchanted Makeovers accomplishes with each shelter transformation. A stronger foundation is created helping improve overall outcomes. Residents are more likely to complete programs, move to the next step of transitional housing, and ultimately re-join their communities as productive citizens.

The team at Enchanted Makeovers is different from other volunteer groups in homeless shelters because no other organization approaches or executes a process that takes care of the “vision, mind and spirit” quite like Enchanted Makeovers. It gets people locally and nationally involved in the future of their own lives as well as the people we serve.

Terry has learned through her journey that women and children do not need a superhero to save them; they want someone to walk beside them. Her heart has led her to introduce women, children and volunteers to a way of life, a way of thinking that helps to shift their outlook about their lives, how we see each other and possibilities for the future.

Dev Staff