Kyle Ruffin

Daily Point of Light # 4981 Apr 15, 2013

Kyle Ruffin’s commitment to the work of nonprofits is stellar. As a board member of the Hispanic Family Center for more than five years, Kyle consistently pursues big and important board ideas persistently and with a solid presentation followed by her own time and talent dedicated to bringing the idea to fruition. Additionally, she serves on the board of a new nonprofit in South Jersey: The Community Foundation of South Jersey. With that organization, she has also spearheaded the work of several committees.

Her work crosses many nonprofit organizations often creating connections where none existed. Although her paid work is marketing and consulting, her volunteerism is full of many hours of unpaid labor to improve the work of the nonprofit community. She is a true shining star as a nonprofit board member and gives of her time selflessly but not foolishly; always with the goal of improving the work of the organization she serves and pushing them to pursue their mission.

Dev Staff