Terry Waldon

Daily Point of Light # 5763 Jun 16, 2016

While most emergencies are sudden and unfortunate, leaving little time to fend or adapt, it is of the utmost importance to be prepared regardless of the circumstance.

One person who’s readiness is always on alert is Terry Waldon. It is not his job to be prepared, it is instead his duty, which he fully embraces.

As a volunteer for OneOC, Terry has helped prepare volunteers in Orange County for disastrous situations. OneOC, a certified Service Enterprise for Points of Light, provides volunteer, training, consulting and fiscal services for nonprofits to help them become as efficient and effective as possible. While the workload may be difficult, their mission is simple – accelerate nonprofit success.

Working with OneOC’s Disaster Response program, Terry is responsible for preparing  volunteers for an array of emergencies. He has stayed current by taking innovative training programs, and has helped introduce and strengthen the Emergency Volunteer Center in its initial stages. Terry’s volunteer efforts at OneOC is irreplaceable.

“In many years of working with volunteers, I have never seen this level of dedication,” said Hillary Davis, a former program coordinator at OneOC. “Terry selflessly and consistently goes above and beyond to ensure the success of our program. We are incredibly lucky to have his support and loyalty.”

Though he is just a volunteer, Terry’s advice and expertise is well respected. He helped develop the standard operating procedures for the Emergency Volunteer Center, as well as provide innovative ideas to help resolve the unique needs of the community.

Though Terry is getting up in age, his impact on the community has yet to waver. His devotion to give back, sacrificing his own time and risking his own safety, makes Terry a local hero.

Dev Staff