Daily Point of Light # 2542 Nov 3, 2003

The Butler family is three generations of extraordinary commitment to service to Washington DC. The family began volunteering through Greater DC Cares (GDCC) Family Cares Program in the summer of 2001. Initially drawn to Family Cares because of Brian’s community service requirement for school, the entire family soon found that volunteering provided their family with precious time they needed to bond. Since that summer, Brian and his mom, Pamela and his grandmother, Sarah, have been a model for other families to follow.

The Butler’s family’s first project through Family Cares was at the Days End Farm Horse Rescue in August of 2001. This is an organization that rescues abused and neglected farm horses throughout the state of Maryland. They enjoyed that project together and continued to serve at various agencies until they found their niche in volunteering.

The Butler’s soon found their nook at Christian Community Group Homes (CCGH). This is an agency that serves low-income elderly residents of the District of Columbia. Having recognized that this critical issue receives too little attention in their community, the Butler’s have continued to volunteer at CCGH during the past two years. They soon found that being there and sharing with the residents hit closer to home than they could ever imagine. Sarah recognized one of the residents as a distant cousin that she had not seen in years.

Their dedication to volunteering and to CCGH extended further than anyone could have imagined. They took on a family leadership role through the Family Cares, serving as the ongoing Project Coordinator at CCGH. As a Family Coordinator, the Butler’s responsibilities include recruiting family volunteers to attend the project, coordinating these volunteers and managing them at each of the projects.

The Butlers also took on a significant role in Family Cares Challenge in the spring of 2002. As part of the Challenge, Pamela engaged other families to participate in the program. These families came from their neighborhood, thereby increasing their community’s involvement in family volunteering and civic service. Brian was also able to spur the interest of his friends and classmates, sharing with his peers the importance of volunteering.

Throughout the year, the Butler family continues to coordinate projects at CCGH in addition to participating in various other projects, including National Youth Service Day and National Family Volunteer Day. Their sustained dedication to their community has not gone unnoticed, receiving the Volunteer Spotlight in the March 2002 edition of the Greater DC Cares newsletter, The Connection.