The Earl Estwick, Sr. Trailblazer Memorial Fund

Daily Point of Light # 1287 Jan 8, 1999

The Earl L. Estwick, Sr., Trailblazer Memorial Fund, Inc., was incorporated in New York State as a non-profit corporation in December 1994 and was given full 501(c)3 status as mandated by the U. S. Department of Internal Revenue in December 1995. The Trailblazer Memorial Fund was founded by Mrs. Ruth Estwick and her son, Dr. Earl L. Estwick, Jr., as a tribute to the late Earl L. Estwick, Sr., who passed away in September 1993.

As a memorial and tribute to Earl L. Estwick, Sr., the Trailblazer Memorial Fund was established with the purpose to encourage young people to be successful in their academic studies and to make contributions to their communities. The Fund awards college scholarships to aid deserving academically eligible youth attain their higher educational goals.

The Trailblazer Memorial Fund realizes that higher education is of utmost importance to society's future and that a high school diploma is not adequate to help today's youth become successful productive citizens. Specifically, they state that, "Society and economy is changing every day; high technology, corporate skills problem identification, problem solving and communication skills demand that we have a work force ready to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.”

The Trailblazer Memorial Fund provides the guidance and financial resources to enable young people to pursue higher education no matter their financial situation. The program is disseminated to all Queens County high schools through the schools' guidance office.

The entire staff operates strictly as a hands-on volunteer team, depending solely on contributions from private individuals and the corporate sector for funding. All contributions are solely for scholarships and operating expenses.

The student selection committee looks for students possessing exemplary character, good values and academic excellence. The students supply references, proof of economic need and a statement about why they chose a particular area of study and what contributions they plan to make to society.

Thanks to the Trailblazer Memorial Fund, deserving students have gone on to attend schools such as Harvard University, Rutgers University, Queens College, Hofstra University, the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University and Morehouse College.