Daily Point of Light # 2613 Feb 10, 2004

Delivering meals, volunteering at the library, working in food pantries and thrift stores, planning service projects to assist seniors – these are only a sampling of the ways that the White Family works in their community, as a family, to make it a better place.

Dave and Elizabeth taught their children, Margret (18) and Nate (14), at an early age the importance of giving back. They see rewards not in the material things that life has to offer, but by giving of their time and talents. The kids each have their own volunteer passions, but they also work together as a family to accomplish great things.

Margret walks into a room and gets things done! It may be her vibrant personality or dedication to others – this girl is a true leader. The last two years Margret planned National Youth Service Day projects for more than 200 youth. She worked with the community agencies and found seniors that needed assistance doing light home repair and cleaning. Then, working with 4-H, schools and agencies, she recruited more than 200 youth to go out and accomplish these tasks for seniors. This is only one of the many projects that Margret has been involved in. On an ongoing basis, Margret volunteers at Youth Court, works at the library and is a member of the Youth Action Council at the Volunteer Center of Johnson County.

Nate is more of a hands-on guy. He may not get into the planning of a service project too much, but on the day of the event Nate is there – ready to head the pack and get moving! When a garden was planted at a local retirement home he was the first one to grab a shovel and start digging. He was also the last one to leave that evening. Nate stayed until the project was completely finished and the garden met his expectations. Nate also volunteers weekly for Meals on Wheels, with his parents, delivering meals to homebound seniors and is a member of the Youth Action Council.

In 2003, during National Volunteer Week, the Governor of Kansas, Kathleen Sebelius, recognized the White children for their volunteer efforts. Margret and Nate represented the many Kansas youth volunteers that day on the Senate Floor.

Behind these two young adults are extremely supportive and giving parents. The children have learned by watching their parents. Whether the family is delivering meals to seniors or working on a service day project, the family is continuously striving to make a difference in the community.