Daily Point of Light # 2612 Feb 9, 2004

In 1992 there was an urgent need in Havasu, specifically at Interagency, to help desperate individuals who could not receive help in other areas. For instance, when someone hit hard times, lost a job, couldn’t pay the rent or electric, had a debilitating illness, needed a safe place to stay in the middle of the night when running from domestic violence, etc. they would go to Interagency to see if they would qualify for any federal, state or county funding. There were many who did not qualify and they were falling through the cracks. Carolyn Moore recognized the need to somehow rescue these individuals during their emergency and give them a hand up before their life became even worse.

Ms. Moore began C.H.I.N.-U.P., (Caring for Havasuvians in Need-United Project.) By starting a “grass roots” operation, including churches, service organizations, schools, Senior Center, Snowbirds, the homebound and other individuals she began a coupon campaign to raise funds for the needy. The organization cuts, sorts, stamps and hangs manufacturers’ coupons on the corresponding products in four Supermarkets, (Bashas North and South, Smiths and Food City). When the consumer purchases the product with a coupon on it, the cents-off goes to C.H.I.N.-U.P. to aid those in need. There are no paid volunteers and all the money stays in Havasu.

Through the last 12 years, C.H.I.N.-U.P. has raised more than $426,000 and helped more than 5,500 needy individuals. Through this achievement, many others are attracted to volunteer their time and energy to C.H.I.N.-U.P. Churches regularly add this activity to the Ladies group programs to set aside a month or two, or a whole year donated to working with C.H.I.N.-U.P. Many churches and organizations have a drop-box in their buildings for people to drop off their coupons each week.

Ms. Moore is just as active with C.H.I.N.-U.P. now as she was 12 years ago when she started. She is constantly going to different organizations or churches to encourage them to join, with all the others, in making a difference in people’s lives in Havasu. Daily and weekly she cuts, sorts and stamps coupons and you can find her every Tuesday and Friday morning hanging coupons at Smiths and Food City.

Though it may seem impossible, her efforts with C.H.I.N.-U.P. are not Ms. Moore’s only volunteer achievements. She also started a neighborhood watch program, in which she has engages 70 households in neighborhood activities. She started Random Acts of Kindness in Havasu and has the good deeds printed in the newspaper beside the police column to show the goodness in the Havasu people. She has also volunteered to help with First Step, a program to observe interaction between new babies and parents in the hospital to catch any possibilities of physical, drug or alcohol abuse. In addition, she helped in raising more than half of the $12.5 million secured so far to help Columbia College’s building program.

In an ongoing project, Ms. Moore originated the idea for a rolling library for the children’s ward at Havasu hospital and presented the idea to Tri Delt sorority. She then suggested the same idea for the adults—and made it happen.