Tiffani Webb

Daily Point of Light # 4727 Mar 21, 2012

Tiffani Webb of Culloden, W.Va., first became involved in service with Girl Scouts by raising awareness for a bullet proof vest for local canine police. Eventually, she started helping with an established outreach mission serving the homeless by collecting coats and blankets. Her outreach resulted in engaging more volunteers from churches, local medical students, friends and family members.

What started as one visit to help a friend who was a member of the Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) grew into something much larger. Every Saturday morning the CMA bikers feed a hot breakfast to 75 to 125 homeless at Harris Riverfront Park, distribute hygiene packs, and witness to them God’s love. Tiffani’s passion for this cause led her to reach out to friends and families to collect more coats, hats and gloves to distribute each month. Overtime the project has expanded to include Christmas gift bags filled with essentials, summer cookouts and even on-site medical care by volunteer medical students. Thanks to her outreach there are sometimes more volunteers than homeless on Saturday morning.

In addition to Girl Scouts, Tiffani volunteers as a coach with Upward Cheerleading, a junior counselor at Camp Cowen and is actively involved in her church and the local hospital. One of her projects at the hospital includes collecting books, movies, and games from the community as well as constructing shelving to house the new items, and co-hosting three celebration events focused on the patients.

Tiffani’s devotion and compassion to her community is what makes her a Daily Point of Light.