Tracey Cox

Daily Point of Light # 1193 Aug 31, 1998

Tracey Cox has been involved in community service since his elementary school years. He has been involved with his school, the 4-H club, and the Tuttle Police Department, where he has organized and implemented many different projects.

Tracey just completed his senior year at Tuttle's public high school where he played a major role in organizing several of the school's service projects, including a food drive, a blood drive, and a campus beautification project. Tracey has also exhibited strong leadership abilities at his high school serving as the Student Body Vice President. In this position, he was able to encourage other students to become involved in volunteer service by setting an example while serving his fellow classmates.

Tracey has been involved in 4-H for nine years. During this time Tracey organized a county recycling fair, a program against litter, and a state highway clean up. Tracey also served as a state 4-H project leader for a project that provided baseball hats for children who were undergoing chemotherapy at a local hospital. Tracey's "Warm Heart, Warm Hands" project, which entailed collecting gloves and mittens for the needy, demonstrated his creativity and love for others.

Tracey has been a member of the Tuttle Police Department Explorer Post since March of 1996. While in this post, Tracey has been involved with a number of community projects, including a Scout-A-Rama, the 4th of July parade, and the Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament.