U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary 12-08

Daily Point of Light # 3658 Feb 11, 2008

Dedicated, tireless, committed, selfless and inspirational are the words that describe not just one volunteer member, but the U.S Coast Guard Auxiliary 12-08. These are America’s Volunteer Lifesavers. They are a small team of dedicated volunteers that have contributed over 2,500 hours in 10 months, providing backfill to the U.S. Coast Guard and have networked with over 17,765 community residents providing safety and environmental literature through public affairs appearances and the boating public. They still continue to put in their daily hours and if something goes on within the community they seem to always be involved.

They are a small flotilla that consists of 27 active members, some are more active than others, but together they are a team. To the group, “teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” They are volunteers whose occupations range from skilled craftsman to professional with representation from the ranks of labor and management, enterprise owners and employees, employed, unemployed and retired. They all contribute time as it fits into their schedules and the amount of hours that they dedicate to volunteer service communicates that they are “dedicated, tireless, committed, selfless, and inspirational.

Within the community they have diligently served in their obligation to keeping the waterways clean by participating in the annual “Beach Day Clean-up”. Not only do they have to keep the waters clean, they are also assisting in helping the aquatic environment thriving. The volunteers also add to the boating community public by ensuring that the vessels out on Americas waterways are safe and seaworthy, the marine dealers and the vessel safety check program become a partnership program as it better reflects the truth that they are involved with the boating community as a whole and not just the dealers. They ensure that the community boating racks are full of safety literature.

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Fort Totten has spent a lot of time with the community politicians assisting with the NYS Veterans Hospital programs and Sept 11, memorial motorcades for the fallen heroes with the community. When they are not volunteering within the community, they are providing backfill to the U.S Coast Guard Station Kings Point. They try and dedicate time to providing morale, skills and expertise to the young men and women, while others put together holiday meals. They all put valuable time, energy and commitment to the U.S Coast Guard Auxiliary and to the community.