Carole Tutan

Daily Point of Light # 3657 Feb 8, 2008

Carole Tutan has been a faithful Hospice House volunteer for Hospice Savannah since March of 1998. Over the past 9 and half years she has given almost 3,500 hours of her time. She retired from a medical office and almost immediately came to volunteer with Hospice Savannah.

Upon joining Hospice House Carole quickly stepped up to the plate to become a lead volunteer conducting support group meetings for her fellow volunteers. She faithfully attended, and continues to attend, the monthly volunteer education in-services, even though, at this point, she could probably teach many of the classes herself! She is always willing to represent us in the community at health fairs and community outreach events. Carole also volunteers every month when we invite families back to Hospice House to a Memorial Gathering to honor their deceased loved one. Carole graciously welcomes them and hugs them –so many of the families remember her from their loved one’s stay in Hospice House—and it means so much to them that she is there to greet and reminisce with them.

Carole is invaluable as a trainer of new volunteers. She is an excellent teacher, competently showing the “new kids on the block” where the supplies are stored, how to change a bed, how to set up an aromatherapy machine, where to find ice cream or sodas for the patients, etc. Yet another way that she serves is by taking responsibility for cleaning the aromatherapy machines on a regular basis. She also comes in when she knows that a patient is about to die. Very few volunteers are comfortable being on duty at this time. But Carole has a sixth sense about her—she instinctively knows which families and patients want her to be with them to guide them through the transition. She will come in at night or on the weekend to sit with a family or patient if she feels they need some extra support.