Vanis Buckholz

Daily Point of Light # 4966 Feb 20, 2013

Vanis Buckholz personifies hope in action. Vanis, a 10-year-old, is the president of My ReCycler, a business he developed at age 7 after learning about Earth Day. As his business grew, Vanis decided he should do more than just help the environment and sought out opportunities to help kids in need.

Vanis connected with Project Hope Alliance, which works to end homelessness in Orange County, and now donates 25% of his thriving recycling company’s profits to the nonprofit. The financial support provided by Vanis helps make it possible for homeless children residing in motels and shelters throughout Orange County get to and from school each day. Project Hope Alliance stops at 29 various motels and shelters each day to pick K-8th grade children up for school, and pays for afterschool care and transportation to the Boys and Girls Club and back to the motels and shelters. Vanis is a part of making that happen.

Vanis demonstrates what children can do. He shows us that a 10-year-old is just as vital and contributing member of our community as a 45-year-old CEO. Additionally, he is an example of how we can be good stewards of our planet by recycling and creatively use recycling to meet the needs of those around us.

He is an incredible example to other children of why they matter and how they can change the world around them.

Dev Staff