Virgil Sanford-2

Daily Point of Light # 4335 Sep 17, 2010

Virgil Sanford is a volunteer’s volunteer because he serves his community in several ways. He volunteers four to five days a week at the Victory Baptist Church. The church pastor says Virgil is “one awesome volunteer” because Virgil volunteers about 900 hours a year at the Church. He takes care of everything from plumbing repairs and building projects to classroom painting.

Virgil also volunteers at Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the Kalamazoo Youth For Christ, as a big brother to a young man named Jeff. Virgil has been a huge encouragment for Jeff in school and faith, working through many issues and challenges. He has been a dedicated part of Jeff’s life for more than two years. Jeff’s grades have even improved significantly with Virgil’s assistance.

His commitment and leadership has helped to create a more positive environment for his Church.
Virgil says he volunteers “because the youth are our future leaders.” Through Virgil’s efforts in teaching the youth of his Church about community service, the children have begun to volunteer in their neighborhoods.

Virgil has served the Church community through his volunteer efforts. The Church youth have led by his example, helping to serve their community. Virgil continues to bring positive change in his volunteerism.