Daily Point of Light # 2005 Oct 10, 2001

“Visions” is a powerful play about drug addiction, alcoholism, and recovery. It is a journey through the turmoil of addiction to the light of recovery. It began in 1991 while Bob L., the author, producer, and director, used his breaks at work to pen the images and finally complete the production. The play depicts bottoms from the use and abuse of substances, the realization of the problem, and coming into the rooms of a twelve-step program like Alcoholics Anonymous. This drama has reached over 14,000 people in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. The cast and crew are volunteers and do not accept payment. The “Visions” troupe believes the greatest gift you can give is the one that gives without asking in return. Today, the cast and crew have grown to 200 members.

The troupe performs where many actors would not dare. They set up in rehabilitation centers, hospitals, shelters, youth houses, and correction facilities. The cast and crew use the powerful medium of theater to educate their audience about drug and alcohol addiction to show that recovery is possible. There are no professional actors in “Visions”. The cast and crew are volunteers who have either been in an addiction or have been in the orbit of someone addicted. The cast never uses last names, and after each performance they go out into the audience to further educate and encourage those whose lives have been devastated by drug and alcohol abuse.

Because the play is being presented at facilities where men and women are battling addictions, the special performances are usually closed to protect the anonymity of the clients. The performers witness their audience in tears after the play. “Visions” believe they inspire a sense of hope to the clients. The cast and crew serve as examples that recovery is possible; their mission is carrying the message of recovery.

The play has also been presented to churches, schools, and to those at risk. It has been shown to educators and open to communities. There is never a fee to see the play, and any donations received are used to bring the play to those who have nothing. During the “open” showcase, the cast and crew set up large amounts of literature on prevention and treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction, and AIDS. The National Clearinghouse provides the majority of the information for Alcohol and Drug Information (NCADI) in Rockville, Maryland. Additional information is obtained from state, county, and private foundations also.

The “Visions” troupe performs under the direction of Recovery Productions, Inc, which was founded in 1993 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to substance abuse prevention and recovery education. The troupe is a powerful intervention group for those who are battling addiction, their families, youth at risk, and various communities, and by their example, they are giving hope to thousands of people throughout the year.