Daily Point of Light # 2046 Dec 6, 2001

Wade Demers has averaged more than 80 hours per month of service to Emory L. Bennett Veterans Nursing Home. Demers is a Disabled Veteran who served in the Vietnam War. Because of his service in the armed forces, he decided to serve in other capacities for other veterans who were in need.

Demers gives much of his time serving at the nursing home. He drives the van, which takes the residents food shopping, on fishing trips, to lunch, dinner, and other outings. He also assists residents with activities at different outings and will come to help at a moments notice. His service helps to free the staff at the nursing home so they can accomplish their duties more efficiently daily. This also allows the paid staff to spend more time with the residents who look forward to the same.

He is also a great motivator. Demers is responsible for suggesting various activities. He suggests restaurants, fishing holes, and other places that the residents may enjoy participating in. He also mobilizes the community and makes them aware of the needs of the elderly veterans. He also recruits others to volunteer and give back to the community.

Because he has health issues, Demers is not always able to do what he wishes. He gives as much as he can and is known for bringing clothing, books, food, and other items that are necessities for the veterans. He also tries to help monetarily and if some of the men are homeless, he refers them to shelters or other resources where they can obtain help.

Though Wade Demers’ work is centered in the Oak Hill, Florida, area his service touches veterans across the country. Many of the men who come through his area are transient and moving from place to place. He works with them and gives them help and words of encouragement to help them keep hope and continue to live.