Women’s Intercultural Center

Daily Point of Light # 5461 Apr 21, 2015

Today’s Daily Point of Light Award nicknamed by a volunteer as “the Google of Southern New Mexico and West Texas,” is the The Women's Intercultural Center in El Paso, Texas. The center is host to a variety of activities and resources that help address the lack of alternative education and oftentimes, depression faced by immigrants who feel isolated due to their inability to assimilate with the American culture.

From helping to translate a letter to finding someone to help with home repairs, the center is a one stop shop that also launches special programs based on the needs identified by its participants. Like a circle of giving, most participants love the center so much that they end up serving as volunteers themselves, by teaching a class, a workshop, a training and/or finding other ways to help.

The Women’s Intercultural Center educates, empowers and engages women in an eco-friendly facility made out of compacted earth and tires, constructed by center participants. A place that helps its participants overcome obstacles and attain their goals through resources and tools, the center empowers each woman to become the “author of their own life.”

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Dev Staff